Do not miss a chance to dive into Lithuania’s natural beauty! Almost 5 HOURS selected natural landscapes! Discover Lithuania from an interesting perspective – bird’s-eye view! Open the most beautiful places in this country in 4K resolution with our team! This 4K aerial video will bring you to the beautiful sceneries of the tranquil rivers and lakes, valleys and forests! Bright colors of lush greenery and purple sunsets over the Baltic Sea will relax your body and mind! What did you know about this country before? This drone video will help to feel a special atmosphere of this country and show the typical features of the Lithuanian landscape! Lithuania is mostly a lowland country and the highest point in this country is only 294 m above sea level! But the lack of mountains is compensated by amazing green forests filled by pines, spruces, birches, and alders! But the greatest pride of the country is the Baltic Sea! No wonder, the local coastline is considered one of the most beautiful coastlines in whole Europe! Catch the moment and discover the picturesque landscape of the legendary Trakai Castle, the most important historical destination of Lithuanian history! This aerial video will impress you by lush greenery of valleys and rivers’ deltas and endless reservoirs! Lithuanian nature will touch your heart and will always be remembered! Listen to relaxing soothing melody and fill your day with positive emotions! Discover the nature of Eastern Europe in all its glory with our team!


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