A drone flies through Norway’s Fjords and Mountains showing parts Lofoten, Nustjord, Flakstad, and more from above. Relax while watching these aerial views from some of Norway’s most beautiful & iconic locations captured in ultra high definition. Please tell us if you would like to see more of this format for our videos. This music and 4K ultra HD footage was licensed from creators and curated for your viewing pleasure. We are just starting this channel and are experimenting with what type of drone videos our viewers want to see. We hope to provide a place for drone pilots and professional aerial video creators to share their work and get more notice. If you want to share a video on our channel we will gladly tell everyone we know how awesome you are. We will also link to your website, social media, or YouTube channel in the description. As we grow, we would like to start having weekly contests with prizes for the best drone videos submitted. If you want to submit a clip or be a part of this show, join our Facebook group and follow our Facebook page. We would love to talk and get to know you.


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